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3 Location Based Alarms That Wake You Up When You Reach Your Destination [Android]

After a tiring day at work when you are riding back home on a bus or train, often you lack the strength to keep your eyelids open. A lot of people actually take the opportunity to take a short nap, others just succumb to it. The trouble is waking up on time so that you don’t sleep through your stop. But with a location based alarm, you’ll never have to worry about that. Let’s look at some of the best choices we have on the Android platform.

Update: Have you ever forgotten to buy groceries while you were very near to the grocery store? Or to pick up some medicines even though you were just a few meters away from the chemist? If yes, a simple To-Do list won't work. You need a location-based reminder app.

Wake App

Wake App is a geo-located alarm that goes off when you are about to arrive at your selected destination. Once you select your stop on the map, the map closes and the application goes into the background periodically your location using the device’s GPS sensor. When your bus enters within a pre-configured radius from the stop you are supposed to get off (default is 1000 meters), the alarm plays a ringtone of your choice.



  • Straightforward and simple to use
  • Configure custom radius around destination within which the alarm will go off
  • Automatically increase alarm volume if set low


  • Can’t save location for later use

Bus Snooze

Bus Snooze is a GPS Location based alarm clock which will wake you up when you arrive at your location. The app allows you to set location based alarm or time based alarm or both. The combined alarm will sound whichever arrives first – time or destination. The location tracking is done using GPS as well as your network provider’s location.

bus-snooze2 bus-snooze3

To set an alarm tap on the ‘Add new alarm’ icon, choose the alarm type, select your destination on the map, and set the distance you want the alarm to go off before you reach your destination. Once the alarm is set, the map will show your current location and your destination. The alarm is automatically saved allowing you to use it on future rides.


  • Uses both GPS and network location
  • Configure custom radius around destination within which the alarm will go off
  • Save location for later use


  • Can only save two location in free version


WakeMe@ is another location based alarm. It lets you choose any location on the map and set up customizable alarms for each location and save them to be used at another time when you ride the same route. At any time you can open the app to see how much kilometers or miles you are away from your stop. Optionally, it can warn you if the device loses GPS or other location signal.

wakeme wakeme2


  • Uses both GPS and network location
  • Save multiple location for later use
  • Use different alarm configuration for different location
  • Speech alarm on supported phones


  • Cannot customize radius around destination within which the alarm will go off
  • Very buggy with occasional crashes


  1. Respected sir i am prabu from india,"tamilnadu",i am student ., i am doing my final year project of location based alarm., but i am unable to complete it as though i tried so many times ., please sent your full code for your "Wake App" ., it will helps me to complete my project ., please
    my mail id "[email protected]"

  2. I am the developer of another app that I think should be considered. It's called "Are we There Yet?" It is brand new, is free and has a modern Holo style UI that's very easy to use. Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

  3. Guys I found an amzing and extremely user friendly Location Based Reminder. It is so damn easy to use. Definitely try it out guys.

  4. Finally After 8 months of struggle and learning I have finally developed an idea which I had. Please check it out. Much Better UI.


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