Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AllSongsBy: Search and Listen to All Songs By Any Artist


Finding music isn’t hard these days. We have so many services like Grooveshark and and Spotify. Even YouTube is a nice place to listen to music. When I want listen to some music by an artist I simply go to these sites and search by the artist’s name. If I want to discover new tracks by the artist, I usually go to the Wikipedia page of the artist or band and look under the Discography section. It always has the full catalogue of songs composed by the artist in question. I then search for these specific tracks on my favorite music sites. Now a new web service makes this task a tad easier.


AllSongsBy is a web application that lets you search for music by an artist or album and then presents you with a playlist of all the videos it can find on YouTube. You can then play the entire playlist one after the other right there on the AllSongsBy site. Alternatively, you can listen to short previews or click the link to purchase them from iTunes.

Keep in mind that the list of tracks are sourced from iTunes, and if an artist is not available on iTunes, a complete discography may not be available. In such cases you’ll have to return back to the faithful Wikipedia.


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