Decreased Productivity Hides Images and Multimedia Content on Webpages for Discreet Browsing

Decreased Productivity is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that turns bright and colorful webpages into dull and boring, effectively toning down their cheerful appearance making it appropriate for surfing during work.

Basically, what Decreased Productivity does is apply custom stylesheet on websites. Using custom stylesheet a user can change the appearance of a website everything from the layout to fonts and colors of links. Additionally, users can remove images, Flash and other multimedia contents, restrict animations etc.


Once installed, Decreased Productivity takes its place in Chrome’s address bar (in status bar on Firefox) as a small cup icon. Clicking on the icon applies a style sheet to the page that turns the background of the page white, text into black, removes background images, makes in-page images almost invisible, and hides all flash, java or other embedded applets. Images are made invisible by setting its opacity to a very high value. Hovering the mouse over the image makes it slightly more visible.

From the extension’s settings page, one can change fonts and color, set image opacity and make numerous other modifications. There are four cloaking to choose from: Paranoid (remove images and multimedia), SFW1 (cloak images and remove multimedia), SFW2 (cloak images only), and NSFW (show images and Flash but change color).

If you want Decreased Productivity to be turned on by default on certain websites, you can add them to a blacklist. On the other hand, if you want to disable cloaking on specific websites, you just have to add them to a whitelist.

Decreased Productivity for Chrome
Decreased Productivity for Firefox

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