Edit Files in Dropbox Directly in Chrome With SourceKit

People use their Dropbox account to store all sorts of files, and some of these files need to be frequently updated. Maybe you are storing your to-do list, files for your website, and snippets of programs. If you have several text based files in your Dropbox account that needs to be edited often, there is handy tool that allows you to edit the files directly inside your browser without having to download them first or upload the edited files.

The Chrome extension SourceKit makes this possible. It’s a lightweight programmer’s text editor right inside Chrome, that loads files from your Dropbox account and saves directly to it. If you are using the Dropbox sync software installed, the changes will appear locally as if you did so with a text editor.


After you have installed SourceKit, and authorized the app to access files in your Dropbox account, it will fetch the list of all your files and folders and display them on a sidebar. Click on the file you wish to edit and it open on the editor on the right. Make you changes and click on the Save button to save it directly to Dropbox.

Customization options are limited to a number of different color themes from dark to light, word-wrap, line numbers and print margin.

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