Gorgeous Photos Taken by Google Street View Cameras

Google’s Street View camera cars can sometimes capture unbelievable landscapes and moments, as Pittsburgh-born photographer Aaron Hobson discovered when scouting for locations around Los Angles using Google Street View for a new project. After getting addicted to Google Street View, Hobson began exploring other places around the globe for amusement. Soon he had amassed a collection of Street View shots of the loneliest and most isolated places on earth.

After hours and hours of driving through empty countrysides, tundras, and deserts, I began to put together a dozen or more locations that matched my aesthetic appeal and narrative. I decided to turn my gaze outward at the world and the isolation of other people and places through the Google technology. This process is about the amazing technology of Google Street View and the places it has allowed anyone with a computer and internet access to explore. I am trying to share remote locations of splendor and beauty, places of isolation where life is difficult and slower being so far removed from large societies.

“The first hint that they’re not his photos is that when you take a closer look, you realize that any faces captured in these photos are blurred out”, writes Nancy Messieh on TheNextWeb. “Aaron is simply curating these photos, taken by the mechanical eye of Google Street View cars.”

Below are some images from the GSV Cinemascapes photoset. Be sure to check out his website for more. And if you liked these, you will also like Jon Rafman’s collection of interesting images found on Google Street View.


Saint-Nicolas-de-la Grave, France


Capetown, South Africa


Dearagon, Spain


Morrone Del Sannio, Italy


Inverallochy, Scotland


Route 17, South Africa


Sao Joao Del Rei, Brazil


Saska, Czech Republic

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