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Microsoft Office Labs team just released a free Facebook app called Photo Vote that lets you gather inputs and opinion from your Facebook friends by polling them. While there are quite a few Facebook apps for creating polls, Photo Vote is unique as it lets you add images to poll questions. Additionally, it allows you to easily export that data into Excel.

You can create polls with up to three photos and captions and Photo Vote will post it directly to your Facebook wall so your friends can share their opinions. As your friends vote on the options, the results are collected for you and displayed in an Excel workbook embedded in the browser. Photo Vote will also gather additional social data such as gender, age and relationship status, allowing you to filter poll results by any of these parameters. For instance, you can see how many of you male friends voted for Option B or how many friends in a relationship chose Option A.

To create a poll first get the Photo Vote Facebook app, and then click on the Create a Poll link. Upload up to three pictures from your computer (no, you cannot use photos from your Facebook album), add captions/options and the poll title.


When you are Done, click on the Publish button and the poll will appear on your Wall.


Photo Vote will start collecting votes and display the number of votes registered below each picture.


To get the results into an Excel sheet, click the Experience the Data link underneath your photos. The results of your poll will appear in an embedded spreadsheet. This is where you can drill down the data and see exactly who voted which photo.


There are a couple of things you can now do with this Excel sheet.

  • Embed the results on your own web page or blog: To do this, click the Information button this workbook button on the black bar (the middle icon), copy the embed code, and then paste it into the HTML of your own blog or wiki page.
  • Download the results as an Excel Workbook: To do this click the View full-size workbook button on the right to open the workbook in Excel Web App on SkyDrive. Now, click the Download button at the top.

Photo Vote is also available as an app for Windows Phone 7. This app allows you to post new polls from your phone and receive notifications when new votes arrive.

[via Office Blog]

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