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Portable Free Clipboard Manager and Screen Shooter

We have covered two excellent clipboard managers in the past Ditto and ClipX. Here is another one for consideration.

Free Clipboard Manager is a simple clipboard managing utility for Windows. It automatically saves to the hard disk every piece of text and image you copy to the clipboard. All copied items are displayed on a floating window that remains visible on the lower right hand corner of the screen. To paste an item that was copied earlier, one needs to select it from this window and copy it back to the clipboard using the right-click menu. The item is now ready to paste.


The program author shows good foresight by configuring the program not to save text smaller than 20 characters in length to prevent usernames and passwords that you may copy to the clipboard from being saved to the hard disk as TXT files. There is an option to override that security measure if you wish to.

Free Clipboard Manager can also be used as screenshot taking utility. Windows has a native screen shooter - the PrintScreen key (Alt+PrintScreen if you want to capture the active window). When pressed, an image of the screen is copied to the clipboard. Once copied, Free Clipboard Manager automatically saves it to the hard disk without any further prompt. This makes Free Clipboard Manager an ideal program for taking screenshots.


Each copied text is saved to the disk in individual TXT files. Screen grabs are saved as PNG, with an option to change the file format to JPEG.

Free Clipboard Manager is portable – simply download the ZIP file, extract the contents and double click on the executable file. Don’t be fooled by the small download size (84 Kilo Bytes), though. The archive decompresses to about 240 Kilo Bytes and when running it readily gobbles 56 Mega Bytes of memory which seems a bit too much for a clipboard manager, especially when competing products such as the one I’m using – ClipX – uses so much less.

Nevertheless, Free Clipboard Manager is an excellent utility.


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