Share and Join Wi-Fi Networks via QR Codes [Android]

Connecting to secure Wi-Fi networks with a mobile device is a pain because it requires you to type passwords. No matter how good you may be with the keyboard, there is a good chance that you hate this part. And god forbid, if the password is a complex one. There is an easier way to share Wi-Fi network passwords and let others to join the network, and that is through QR Codes.

Now you may have heard about an Android app called Wi-Fi Joiner that makes this possible. You select a Wi-Fi network already configured on your device or enter in the SSID of a new one along with the password and the app will generate the QR code for you. You can send the QR code to your PC to print it out. Other users can scan the QR code and automatically connect to the network.

The problem with Wi-Fi Joiner is that it requires others to have this app on their devices. We need a QR Code generator whose codes can be easily recognized by common QR Code scanners. Fortunately, there is one Android app called Barcode Scanner that can decode a wide range of QR Codes. Barcode Scanner is a very popular free app and many phone manufacturers use it as the default QR Code scanner.


To generate the QR Code for your Wi-Fi network go to QrZilla and click on the Wi-Fi tab on the right. Enter the network name, the password and the encryption type and then click on the button underneath to get the code. You can also generate the QR Code on your phone, just like in Wi-Fi joiner, using another free app WiFi QR Code Generator.

Print the QR Code on a large sheet and hang it on the refrigerator or on the wall. Let your friends scan the code using Barcode Scanner, which they are likely to have on their phone, and connect without the hassles of typing the password.


The market download link and the QR Codes for all Android apps mentioned in this post are given below.

Market link for Barcode Scanner and QR Code


Market link for WiFi QR Code Generator and QR Code


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  1. dany Reply
    Mobile QR codes or 2D code are
    codes in the same way as ordinary barcodes are, but their matrix structure can hold more information. The codes are also mobile in the
    sense that you can use the camera on your mobile device to scan and decode them. You can convert a web address (URL), a phone number, an email address or plain text into a mobile code. After scanning it with your camera phone, you will have instant access to the encoded
    information straight on the display of your mobile device.

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