BrandMyMail Adds Social Media Snippets to Your Emails

BrandMyMail is a new web-based app that allows you to customize your email messages by integrating contents from your social media accounts directly into the emails. Even though the service is designed mainly for businesses, it can be used by anyone who wants to publicize their blog or Twitter posts or Flickr photos. Aside from stylish signatures, BrandMyMail allows you to add real-time content such as Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, Facebook photos, RSS feeds, YouTube videos, blog post from WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, Google+ updates, Quora questions, Picasa photos and more.

BrandMyMail lets you create templates using a nice drag and drop interface. The contents come in the form of plug-ins that you add to the template by drag-and-drop and arrange them to customize how your email message will appear.


After you drop a plug-in, you enter your social media handle and specify the number of recent posts/photos you want to show. The signature plug-in is highly customizable. You can add your photo or your company logo, a banner, your website address, phone number, Skype handle and so on.

You can also choose from a couple of different designs and layouts. You can create a number of different templates for different purposes or recipients.

BrandMyMail currently supports only Gmail, and users are required to install the BrandMyMail extension which is available for Firefox and Chrome browsers, and also for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Integration with other email providers, like Hotmail is forthcoming, and support for Android and SMTP based clients is under development.


After installing the BrandMyMail extension, you can access your BrandMyMail templates from within Gmail compose window. Just type your email, choose a template and click the Send button. BrandMyMail will automatically format your message according, inject your signature and dynamic contents from your social media accounts according to the template design.

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[via Techcrunch]

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