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Control Panel Renamed to ‘PC Settings’ in Windows 8

A series of screenshots purportedly from a leaked Windows 8 Build 8158 posted on a Chinese website shows one unexpected change that Microsoft has planned for their upcoming OS. The screenshot of a new Windows 8 build start screen shows a Metro tile with the title “PC Settings". The Chinese website claims that this new "PC Settings" section is in fact a replacement for the familiar "Control Panel" folder of previous Windows operating systems.


Up until now, the Control Panel folder has been present on all Windows releases, and it comes as a surprise that Microsoft might have decided to replace it. Neowin speculates that “since the Metro UI will be used by a more mainstream audience they might be confused with the Control Panel term. PC Settings is certainly a much clearer description of what the folder contains.”

I feel “PC settings” will create more confusion as many users coming from previous Windows version might fail to realize that both terms point to the same folder of tools. I suppose we are now going to hear queries like “where is the control panel?” from the old folks. I hope the change is limited to only the Metro interface, and the actual folder on Windows is still called “Control Panel”.


  1. This MS trick is done in every new version of Windows and is not necessary.
    They change the name of some things and move them to someplace you can't find just to make it seem new.
    Most of the changes are in the background so they have to do something to give you the illusion that it's new.

  2. I think, the new version of Window has huge chance to using convenience for user. Don't criticize, before using it. Before using it, you looks like just a critic.


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