Deletion Extension Monitor Tracks Deleted Files on Your PC

Deletion Extension Monitor is a useful portable tool for Windows designed to monitor and log files that are deleted from the system. Users can discover which files are being deleted in real time, and if required the program can keep a backup of the file before it gets deleted.

Deletion Extension Monitor logs file deletion events and the logs are directly viewable from the program window. Events logged show the date and time the deletion was made, the file deleted and the process responsible for deleting the file, in other words, who deleted it, what it deleted and when. This can be very useful to monitor files deleted during the uninstallation of a specific programs.

By default, the program will record only the deletion of files with particular extensions (EXE, DLL, TMP, PDF and so on). You can add new extensions to the list from Monitoring > File Extensions menu. Here can add the extensions you are interested in and remove everything else. If you want to record everything, check "Monitor All File Extensions" and the report will cover all deleted files. Do note that Windows and different programs create and delete lots of files during operation, so checking this box can quickly flood the window with hoards of temporary files.


In the image above you can see what happened when I attempted to take a screenshot of the window using Snagit.

You can make the program ignore files greater than a certain size, but the opposite would have been more useful – to skip files smaller than some minimum size. There is also a stealth mode where you can hide the program’s icon from the system tray to monitor files deleted without alerting the user.

Another handy feature is the ability to copy files to a backup folder before the deletion. This option can be enabled by checking the box ‘Copy Low-Level File Deletions’ under settings.

Deletion Extension Monitor is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7

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