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Google Map Maker Gets an Update, Now Open to Everyone

Google Map Maker, the tool that allows anyone to propose edit on Google Maps, is getting a major makeover today. The updated Map Maker is now easier than ever to use, has plenty of new editing tools and more importantly is open to users worldwide.

Google Map Maker made its debut sometime around 2008, but it had limited scope and all edits were reviewed by staff. It came to the U.S. only this April and apparently, took eight more months before the service was extended to rest of the world.

With Map Maker, users can add details to an area like bike paths, walking trails, campus maps, boundaries and other features that aren’t traditionally found on maps. These crowdsourced cartographers, especially from emerging countries where there isn’t much data, helps to create more detailed maps around the world. Users can propose details about roads, points of interest, and even geographic boundaries. These edits are moderated by Google, and, after approval, go live for all users of Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Maps for Mobile.

Google Map Maker is now live in over 180 countries. Checkout what you can add in your area.

[via Lat Long Blog]


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