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How to Customize ‘via Facebook for’ Messages on Status Updates

Do you know how you can make your Facebook status updates annoying? Post it from your phone. That way you could have those incredibly sickening little messages - ‘via Facebook for iPhone’ or ‘via Facebook for Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ - tagging along with your updates. Hey guys! look, I have an Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Arggh… I suspect some guys actually enjoy those pesky messages, especially the ones who blew $500 on the phone. On the other hand, there are people who loathes every time their phone do this to their Facebook updates. If you belong to the latter group, here is what you can do about them.


Status Via is an Android app that allows you to post status updates on Facebook under the guise of another device or place. Status Via comes with more than 100 alternative ‘via’ messages ranging from ‘Air Force One’ to ‘Your Mums Bed’ and everything in between. You cannot totally get rid of this message, but at least you can change it something funny or less pretentious. With Status Via + you can even add custom messages or ‘devices’ for less than a $1.


Before you whisk out your phones let me clear up things a bit. Status Via cannot prevent or modify the ‘via’ tags injected into your updates by the Facebook apps, official or unofficial. It can only change these tags when you browse Facebook through Status Via, which uses the default Android browser to login and access the site. In order to enjoy custom ‘via’ tags you have to use Status Via to browse Facebook and forfeit whatever extra goodies the dedicated Facebook app came with.

The complete list of available options are:

- Air Force One
- Alcohol
- Amiga 500
- Anfield Road Stadium
- Angry Birds
- Banana Phone
- Batcave
- Batmobile
- Bed
- Binary Code
- Blackberry
- Blackberry Playbook
- Blackberry Torch
- BMW iDrive
- Calculator
- Carrier Pigeon
- Cheese
- Crayon
- Donkey Kong Handheld
- Firework
- First Base
- Ford Sync
- Foursquare
- Galaxy Tab
- Gameboy Colour
- Glade Air Freshener
- GoD
- Google +
- Gotham City
- Heaven
- Hell
- Hogwarts
- HTC Desire
- International Space Station
- IPad
- IPhone
- IPhone 5
- IPod Nano
- Jedi Mind Control
- K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand)
- Lamp
- Linux Ubuntu
- MacBook Pro
- Magic 8 Ball
- Mail Box
- Mars
- Message in a Bottle
- Microsoft Excel
- Microwave
- Mind Control
- Mind-computer Interface
- Minecraft
- Morse Code
- My Bedroom
- My Heart
- NASA Satellite
- Neptune
- News of the World
- Nintendo 3DS
- Nintendo 64
- Nintendo Wii
- Nokia 3310
- OnStar
- Palm
- Paper Airplane
- Pencil
- Phineas and Ferb
- Pip Boy
- Planet Krypton
- Play-doh
- Playboy Mansion
- Playstation Network
- Pogo Stick
- Pokedex
- Post-It Note
- Potato
- PS3
- Refrigerator
- Samsung Galaxy Ace
- Samsung Galaxy S II
- Sarcasm
- Sega Dreamcast Browser
- Sega Mega Drive
- Shiny Tinfoil Hat
- Skynet
- Smoke Signal
- Snes
- Sofa
- Sperm Whale
- Sweet Dreams
- Swiss Army Knife
- T.V
- Telepathy
- the Closet
- The Death Star
- The Future
- The Gay Bar
- The Moon
- The Mushroom Kingdom
- The Past
- the Pub
- The Starship Enterprise
- Tin Cans Connected by String
- Toilet
- Trash Can
- Typewriter
- U.S.S Voyager
- Under Your Bed
- Vibrator
- Walmart
- Watermelon
- Weed
- White House
- Windows Phone
- Xbox LIVE
- Yellow Submarine
- Your Mum
- Your Mums Bed
- ZX Spectrum


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