Install Google Currents Outside the US [APK File]

Yesterday Google launched a new publication platform called Google Currents that allows Android and iOS users to read their favorite sites in a magazine like format on their mobile devices. Web publishers can publish ‘edition’ of their sites containing a feed of their latest articles, social media updates, photos, videos etc. Readers can subscribe to available editions and also use it as an RSS feed reader. At launch more than 180 editions from notable publishers like CNET, AllThingsD, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Fast Company are available.


One big advantage of Google Currents over other feed reading app is that you can read your subscriptions offline. But the bigger disadvantage is that you need to be a resident of the US in order to install it on your device. For reasons unknown, this app is available only for US users even though the subscriptions currently offered through Google Currents have global audience and there is no geographical restrictions if you access these sites on your mobile browser or from your computer.

Owners of Android devices who live outside the US can install this app by grabbing the APK file from the link below. Download the file, copy it to your Android device and run it to install the app. Make sure that you have allowed downloading of apps from ‘Unknown sources’ under your Android Settings page.

Download Google Currents APK

This blog is also available on Google Currents. You can subscribe to it from this page

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