Smart Folders: Create New Folders by Drag-and-Drop Files

Traditionally, new folders on Windows are created by right-clicking in Windows Explorer and selecting the ‘Folder’ option from the ‘New’ sub-menu. Now a free program called Smart Folders teaches Windows a new trick to create folders, that’s both quick and efficient particularly when organizing large number of files.

This free utility enables users to drag and drop files over another file to create a new folder. After creating the folder all dragged files, including the one over which the files where dropped, are automatically moved to the newly created folder. If your purpose is to create a new folder and then move files into it, Smart Folders will let you do that in one sweep, completely eliminating the first part of the job.



When you drag and drop files over another, you will be asked to name your folder. If you choose Cancel, the folder will be created anyway and named as ‘Folder 1’, ‘Folder 2’ and so on.

The best part is: Smart Folders doesn’t require to run in the background to do its magic. Just install the application and exit.

The app is registered for all extensions by default, but since Windows and some other apps register themselves for specific file extensions, you may have to perform some manual associations. To register the app for specific file extensions, type the extension in the text box near File Extension and click Register. To unregister the app for a specific file extension, select the extension in the Registered File Extensions list and click Unregister.

Smart Folders works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS are supported.

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