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Top Business Apps for Windows Phone 7

Smartphones put a lot of computing power in the hands of business owners and employees, but it takes the right apps to put them to work. Many people rave about their cell phones, iPhones and Android-powered smartphones, but more people are discovering the power of Windows Phone.

Code-named Mango, the latest operating system from Microsoft offers mobile workers powerful tools that help them stay productive even while out of the office. Here we look at the best Windows Phone apps for business professionals that can make work easy and enjoyable.

WinMilk Taskmanager (Free)

winmilk winmilk2

The popular Remember the Milk online task manager has a Windows Phone 7 app called WinMilk that lets users view task lists and sort them by date, and tags. The app also supports smartlists. Almost all of the functionality of the Remember the Milk Web-based program is available in this smartphone app. Though WinMilk stores its data online, it caches data on the smartphone so users can stay productive even if they lose network access. You can also use it as a standalone application.

Send to WP7 (Free)


Send information from a computer to a Windows phone using this powerful app. Working through a Web browser, users can send notes and links straight to their phone in a way similar to Apple’s Instapaper app.

Adobe Reader (Free)


Many business documents come in the popular Portable Document Format sponsored by Adobe. With this app installed, Windows Phone users can open files directly from email messages, links or from local storage. The app supports images and transparencies inside documents and offers complete multi-touch gestures for easy zooming. Documents viewed inside the app automatically rotate with the phone as its orientation changes.

Facebook (Free)

facebook facebook2

Social marketing efforts don’t need to stop when workers leave their desks. With the Windows Phone Facebook app installed, users can post to walls, respond to comments and upload videos and photos to the social network. This app is a must-have for any business professional.

Kayak (Free)

kayak kayak2

Business travelers can have quick and painless access to one of the most popular flight search engines with this app installed. Users can book flights and hotel rooms from the palm of their hands with the official Kayak app installed.

Upvise Pro CRM (Free)

upvise upvise2

Armed with cell phones, a business can have a mobile workforce that produces just as much in the field as it does in the office. A full-featured customer relationship manager helps users keep up with their accounts and contacts even while they’re out of the office. Users can sort and share information with fellow employees with mobile phones and Web-based Upvise accounts. The Upvise Pro CRM app has modules for sales, contact management, project management, expenses, work orders and more.

Virtual Remote Presenter ($2.99)

presenter presenter2

Business presentations are easy when Windows Phone users have the Virtual Remote Presenter app installed. Business people no longer must reach for computer keyboards as they make their case to clients because all the controls are on the screen of their phone. Presenters breeze through slides with simple swipes. Thumbnails are clear and legible. Users also have the option to use D-pad arrows and the OK button if they feel uncomfortable with the touchscreen.

QuickText ($0.99)

quicktext quicktext2

For mass broadcasting via SMS, QuickText is the way to fly. If you're looking for any easy way to configure groups of contacts and fire off texts quickly and easily, look no further. QuickText makes you far more versatile and productive when it comes to composing and sending group messages. If you manage any kind of a team or have a lot of clients, QuickText is a no-brainer.

My Trips ($1.99)

mytrips mytrips2

TripIt is one of the best travel and itinerary planning platforms on the web, and its WP7 companion application My Trips is just as good. It works offline once you've synced it with your TripIt account, so you can check your schedule even if you're stranded in the Nevada desert or just having trouble getting a 3G connection in an area with lousy reception.

Tango (Free)

tango tango2

VoIP-based web services are springing up faster than mushrooms after a hard rain lately. Tango is one such service that's a cut above the rest. Featuring the ability to make free calls over a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection to any other PC or mobile device on the planet, it's definitely worth your consideration. As an added bonus, it's also free.

Kik Messenger (Free)

kik kik2

We have a lot of options when it comes to communicating nowadays. Many of those options are text-based, and it helps to have a single, unified platform to manage accounts. Kik Messenger is an Instant Message application that allows you to log into various social media accounts and text to your heart's content. If there were a “most underrated” award for WP7 apps, Kik would win in a landslide.

GoVoice (Free)

govoice govoice2

As an extension to the powerful capabilities of Google Voice, GoVoice is an absolute must for every enterprise user. It works perfectly on WP7 Mango, allowing you to make inexpensive long-distance calls, check out transcribed voice messages, and access SMS texts quickly and easily. It also allows you to access E-mails and web links from within the application with a tap of the screen.

Review Horizon Analytics (Free)

reviewhorizon reviewhorizon2

Where would we be without accurate tracking, data analysis, and analytics? Review Horizon's Analytics Free app puts the power of one of the most capable analytics services in the palm of your hands. Based on the Google Analytics API, Analytics Free allows you to customize your charts as you see fit. You can check bounce rates, click-through rates, top search keywords, and much more.

Final Thoughts

Android and iOS might have momentum and an established user base on their side, but Windows Phone 7 has the financial backing of one of the biggest technology corporations in the world. In other words, Windows Phone 7 isn't going anywhere any time soon. Expect to hear more about it in the coming months as even more amazing apps for the Windows-based cell phones are released.

This is a guest article by Blake Sanders who writes at the phone comparison site Cell Phone Expert. Blake specializes in high speed internet and cell phones as well as the latest in wireless internet provider news and information.


  1. All apps are wonderful. But i like Facebook, this apps useful for businessman like me. Thank you for taking the time to put it all together for us to see.

  2. "Trip Expenses" is another must have app. Feature rich and super easy to use!

  3. Plan 'n' Pack is a wonderful app to plan your packing for business travel.


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