6 Cool Things You Can Do By Double Clicking in Firefox

The double-click mouse action was introduced by Apple Computers when they created the first Macintosh computer in 1984. The original Mac came with a single button mouse, but since not much could be done with one button, a second action was attached to the button by the way of double click. When Windows came out with support for two-button mouse, it became possible to make three unique actions with the device. Today, a typical mouse has three buttons with a clickable scroll wheel acting as the middle button, and some modern mice have even more buttons on the side.

On the web, the extra mouse buttons are a waste and your motor skills put to rest. Here it’s mostly single-click affairs, which keeps things less complicated even if that means underutilizing the full potential of the modern mouse. If the lack of double click on the web is keeping you awake at nights, here are six therapies to cure your double click addiction.

Double Click to Save Picture


When I use Firefox or Chrome or IE, it always bugs me that I cannot save pictures by clicking on it while holding down the CTRL key like I do in Opera. The DoubleClick Save Picture add-on for Firefox fixes this by putting the unused double click action to good use. As the name says, just double click on pictures to open the ‘Save As…’ dialog box. It’s even possible to automatically save pictures to a pre-configured location without prompting.

Double Click to Open in New Tab


The DblClicker add-on for Firefox also emulates the CTRL+click feature, but this time on hyperlinks. It opens links on webpages and links on your bookmarks and history to in new tab.

Double Click to Duplicate Tab

This function can be implemented using the DblClicker add-on mentioned above. Aside from opening links in new tab, this add-on can be configured to either duplicate or close tab when double clicked on the tab.

Double Click to Open Context Menu


The DoubleClick ContextMenu add-on emulates another Opera feature, and that is to open the context menu when double clicked on any text on the page. This add-on will select the text you double click on and also open the context menu for you to choose an action, such as search or copy

Double Click to Close Tab


Double Click Closes Tab is an add-on that does exactly as it says. Simply double click anywhere on the page to close it. No need to hunt for the micro ‘x’ button.

Double Click to Reload Tab

If instead of closing the page, you would like to refresh it try Reload Tab On Double-Click. Unlike the Double Click Closes Tab add-on, you will have to execute the double click on the tab and not on the page.

So there you are, plenty of double click actions. Did I miss anything?

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