Comodo Mobile Security For Android is More Than an Anti-Virus

Security software publisher Comodo recently released their first anti-virus application for Android, Comodo Mobile Security, that provides real-time protection from viruses, unsafe applications, spam messages and more. Comodo Mobile Security offers more than malware protection – in addition to core antivirus protection, Comodo Mobile Security includes SMS and Call Blocking, Software and Process Manager, and Private Space with Apps locking.

Comodo Mobile Security features an ‘always on’ anti-virus module and an on-demand scanner that help keep your device clear of viruses and unsafe apps. One touch scans and scheduled scans are provided as well as a system “Health Check” feature that quickly identifies viruses, unsafe apps and potentially risky settings. A simple task scheduler lets you automate the process of running antivirus scans as well as toggling flight mode setting.

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The Process Manager gives the user control over running processes. You can see how many are running, how much memory each uses and can quickly close down the ones you don’t want. Likewise, the Software Manager lets you view installed apps and uninstalled selected apps with one touch.

If you are using a dedicated SMS and call filtering app, you can uninstall it as Comodo Mobile Security comes with one. You can filter calls and messages by configuring black and white contact lists. Alternatively, block text messages that contain certain keywords.

The Private Space is where you store contacts, phone numbers and text messages that you don’t want others to see or access. The Private Space is password locked and only you will be able to view those communications. In addition to contacts and messages, App Protector enables you to lock your apps from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Comodo Mobile Security is an all-round good product, and light on system resources.

Download: Market link.

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  1. michewin Reply

    That sounds very secured for android users..And may get now away from viruses in Android.

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