Genius DX-ECO: Battery-free Wireless Mouse That Charges in 3 Minutes

Chinese computer peripherals manufacturer Genius has developed a new wireless mouse that doesn’t use traditional batteries. Instead, it uses a gold capacitor to hold charge. Rather than deriving power from chemical reaction as in standard batteries, the DX-ECO mouse draws power from a gold capacitor. The capacitor holds enough charge to last for 24 hours, but replenishes the lost charge in only three minutes. All you need to do is plug in the mouse in the morning for three minutes and you are good to go for a full day. Being battery-less means that it’s also environmentally friendly.


Regarding hardware, the DX-Eco features 4-way scrolling, two DPI settings (800 and 1600), next/previous hot keys, and a sensor that allows the mouse to be used on a variety of surfaces such as dusted glass, marble, or thick carpet. The mouse uses a bi-directional 2.4GHz USB pico receiver for connectivity up to 15 meters away. The gold capacitor is also said to last 100,000 discharge cycles.

The mouse cost $40, and is currently available at a few online stores.

[via MaximumPC]

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