Google Sesame: Securely Login Using Your Phone and QR Code

Google has recently introduced a new way to securely login to your Google account without typing your password, which will find useful application in situations when you need to login from unsafe places such as a public computer. Using a public computer is always risky as you never know what malicious programs are running on it to steal your passwords. With the new login process you can use your smartphone instead and a QR code to login to a public computer.

Go to using the public computer browser, and a single, big QR code will appear on the screen. Use your phone’s QR code scanner to scan the code, doing which you will be taken to the Google login page or to a page asking you for authorization if you’re already logged into your Google account in your phone’s mobile browser.


If you decide to authorize the access, you can choose between opening Gmail or iGoogle. Upon granting authorization, the browser on the public computer will automatically refresh and log you into your Google account without needing to type any login information at the computer.

The QR code link expires after a few minutes, so you might have to refresh the page if there is a delay between generation of the QR code and scanning of the said code with your smartphone camera. Besides, you don’t necessarily need a smartphone: any Java phone equipped with a camera and with a QR code scanner will work.

[via Google Operating System]

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