SyncWall: Wallpaper Changer With Synchronization and Image Effects

SyncWall is an open source wallpaper changer program with special abilities such as synchronize wallpaper change between computers on a network, and add special effects like desaturation, Gaussian blur, sharpen, sepia color and more. Wallpapers can be changed automatically on schedule or on demand with global hotkeys, and the change can be pushed to other computers on the network so that they all change at the same time. Isn’t that cool?

You start by adding wallpapers to the program by importing folders or multiple files. Here you can preview the images, set wallpaper, auto rotate and delete wallpapers. Under the Preference section you set a global hotkey, set scheduling parameters like change interval and time of change.


Under Display Parameters, you can configure wallpapers across multiple monitors, set resizing method like stretch and tile, and apply special effects. The Network tab allows you to synchronize your wallpaper by entering the Server IP address and Port. Each workstation must however share the same pool of files, as there is no FTP or Internet download to transfer the actual wallpaper image to the remote computer.

Because SyncWall is written with Qt, it runs on Windows as well as on Linux.

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