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timeline-movie-makerEver wanted to create a movie about yourself, and star in it as well? Now you can, thanks to a new Facebook app called Timeline Movie Maker that takes content from your Facebook timeline and creates a movie highlighting the special moments of your life. Timeline Movie Maker was created with marketing agency Definition6, and it will only work for users who have upgraded to the timeline profile.

Simply go to the www.timelinemoviemaker.com and click "make your movie". Install the app like any other Facebook app and grant it permission to access nearly your entire Facebook content including your e-mail address, your profile info (activities, birthday, hometown, Likes, location, relationship status, religious views, political views, and work history), as well as your stories (events, photos, videos, and posts with location) -  after all, it’s going to make a movie about your life! If you are willing to allow the invasion, it will give you back a nice and nostalgic 1 minute-long clip about your life.

The movie looks exactly like the Timeline promo video on www.facebook.com/about/timeline but starring your profile instead. Timeline Movie Maker clearly works for only those users who share plenty of pictures and videos on Facebook. The app will need a ton of these to produce a watchable movie.

Once the movie is done creating, users can edit and replace images, videos, and check-ins that appear as well as select from various soundtrack options (original, nostalgic, cinematic, romantic, playful). The completed movies can be shared via Facebook. Disappointingly, there is no option to post the finished product to YouTube or download the movie.

The app is an obvious attempt by Facebook to build up hype around Timeline. Last week, the company announced that they will start pushing Timeline to all of its users, so you better start getting used to it.

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  1. Unknown Reply

    I think you can try this method to get the video.. not the best, but its working..

    p/s : sorry, caption in malay language..

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