Move Windows 7 Start Button to Different Locations on the Taskbar

Start Orb Mover is a free software that lets you move or re-locate your start button and start menu to another location on your Taskbar. Currently it can move the start button to the right or center, for taskbars that are docked to the bottom or top of the screen; or move it to the bottom or to the center, for taskbars that are docked to the edges of the monitor. Additionally, Start Orb Mover gives users a quick option to do tasks such as Change Start Orb, Restart Explorer, Open an Administrative Command Prompt, Exit Explorer, Open Explorer, Open Start Menu and Taskbar Properties, Hide the Taskbar or change location of Start Orb, simply by right-clicking the Start Orb.


According to the notes released by the developer, Start Orb Mover is a work-in-progress and there are still a few areas where further work is needed.

  1. You will notice that when you move the start orb to the far right or bottom position, there is way too much empty taskbar space between the start orb and the clock. This is due to the Notification Area having the ability to resize when more applications having Notification Icons are opened. This keeps the Notification Area from “under-lapping” the Start Orb. This has been set this way, and most likely cannot be fixed.
  2. The start menu floats above disjointed from the start button and the taskbar. This looks odd.
  3. The start menu flickers when you casually move the mouse pointer above the icons or click on programs. The original start menu also makes ghostly appearance during these moments.
  4. The button/bar at the extreme right of the taskbar that shows the desktop disappears when you re-locate the start orb.
  5. Sometimes when you open the Start Menu and scroll through the menu items on the right-hand side, it will leave an odd color hue behind. It appears to happen due to forcing the Start Menu to open in a position it was not designed for. The developer is working on finding a solution and the app will be updated if a fix is found.

Start Orb Mover is a portable application. You can try it out without any fear of messing with the system, although the developer recommends setting a restore point just to be on the safe side.


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    it fucked up laptop

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