Winners of CactusVPN Giveaway

Here are the winners of the CactusVPN giveaway we organized a few days ago. CactusVPN is a special VPN service, in a way that it allows Torrent and P2P downloads on their servers. In fact, the ten accounts that they are providing for this giveaway are all Torrent-supported and valid for a period of three months. If you took part in the giveaway, see if have won.

The winners were chosen by a random draw using the list randomizer tool on

  1. FairLight
  2. Wisnu
  3. Bumba
  4. Stephen
  5. Amit
  6. Ankit
  7. Darren
  8. Jose Gallo
  9. Avisidea pa
  10. Ye Gaung

Congratulation to all winners, and thanks to all who took part. The people whose names appear in the winner’s list will hear from CactusVPN shortly.

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  1. Alexander Reply

    Congratulation to the winners!

  2. g4googlem4money Reply

    Thanks. Kaushik

  3. Darren Reply

    woo hoo!!!!!

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