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Giveaway Forever: Install Giveaway of the Day Programs After the Giveaway Expired

You must be aware of the website Giveaway of the Day, often abbreviated GAOTD. The website offers one commercially licensed Windows software for free every single day. Each software offered on the site is free only on a specific date and should be downloaded, installed and activated on the same day. A protection software included with the download makes sure that you cannot install the program once the 24 hour giveaway period has expired, even if you’ve still got the installer. Understandably, people are eager to know how to bypass the protection.

It so happens that there is a weakness in the Giveaway of the day wrapper - it extracts the setup installer of the software to the temporary folder in Windows and then connects to GAOTD’s server to find out whether the program is being given away for that day. For a short period of time, the naked installer remains in the temporary directory. There are already several guides all over the Internet that shows you how to locate the temporary directory and recover the installer before it is deleted from the system.


Now there is a tool called Giveaway Forever which is able to automatically detect the setup installer in the temporary folder and save it on your computer so that you can install it later.

Giveaway Forever program is in Italian but it’s easy to use if you follow these steps.


First click on the Sfoglia button to browse for the ZIP file that you’ve downloaded from Giveaway of the day’s website. Then click the huge “Genera File per l’installazione Illimitata” button which will automatically extract the zip file, run the setup.exe, detect the setup installer from temporary folder and copy it to Documents folder. Finally click the Vai ai Giveaway button to open the My Documents folder to access the original setup installer file.

You can use Giveaway Forever at anytime to extract the installer from the GAOTD setup. Of course, the setup file itself needs to be downloaded from GAOTD’s website the same day when the giveaway is active.

Thanks Raymond



  2. GAOTD setup keeper is flawed. Doesn't work always.

  3. I've never had a problem with GAOTD Setup Keeper (just updated from the old Command prompt version myself), but would definitely like to know what problems you've encountered.


  4. @J.B, according to the program author GAOTD setup keeper doesn't work when the installer launches the Activate window instead of the program setup.

    "If the archive provides an Activate.exe, the is no need to keep the setup.exe with the following method. Saving the content of the Activate will probably be available in another version of this software."

    If the GAOTD program uses the activator, GAOTD setup keeper fails.

  5. This
    program has 9 malware problems at Virus Total!!

  6. False positives, most likely. This is basically a "crack" and AV software treats all cracks as malware.

  7. is available on the official website version 4.0!

  8. Hello , Giveaway of the day Has updated their Installer Protected with Themida Cryptor . So will this work for this reply me soon . waiting for reply .
    Thank you.

  9. GAOTD updated their wrapper recently to change the way their setup authentication works. I haven't tried it but it has something to do with Thermite. Not sure if the TMP file is created anymore.

    Do any of these programs work with the new method?

    Does anyone know of a method that does work with the new wrapper?


  10. No it doesn't work. Will have to wait for an update from KillerPenguin.

  11. Hello , their is no download link on the killer penguin Page . please tell me where to download . thank you .

  12. it seems GOTD have finally fooled us all


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