Instant Fundas Facebook Page Needs Your Love err.. Likes

Instant Fundas has finally jumped the bandwagon. Truth be told, I created a Facebook fan page for this site nearly two years ago, on March 2010. But I hesitated to click the ‘publish’ button because I thought it was silly idea and that nobody would be interested in it anyway. My opinion isn’t much different today as it was two year ago, but my personal likes and dislikes is puny in front of the behemoth that Facebook is.

So why or rather when did I decide that Instant Fundas needs a Facebook page? An email from a reader asking me why there isn’t any. And then I thought of those people that I must have disappointed all these years. Doesn’t matter if it’s one or one hundred or one thousand, I have disappointed some of my readers. So here I’m on Facebook, and as the adage goes, “better late than never”.


Visit Instant Fundas on Facebook

I’m not sure what I can do to make the fan page exciting, but I will stick around answering comments and sharing news snippets and links that I discover on the web. All it needs now is your love and Likes.

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