Microsoft FixIt Can Now Solve USB Ejection Problems

Microsoft Fix It is a relatively new service from Microsoft that offers small downloadable programs which can diagnose and fix many problems with Windows PCs. Windows 7 is already capable of fixing many common problems by itself. The Fix It tools enhances the operating system’s built-in diagnostics and also brings this feature to a wider audience.

Recently, Microsoft added a new ‘Fix It’ which can solve problems relating to USB drives such as USB devices that do not eject using the Safely Remove Hardware dialog, and other issues relating to USB Audio, storage, and print devices.

Download the tool from this page and run it. The program will download some additional files and once that is done, it will offer you two options. Detect problems and apply recommended fix automatically or choose the fixes to apply. Obviously, we are going to take the second option.


From the next screen, select the fixes you wish to apply and click the Next button to apply them.


Another way to solve USB nuisances is to use a program called Dev Eject, that I wrote about earlier. The program allows you to see all processes that are using a USB drive and hence preventing its safe removal. Once you get the list of processes you can easily close the offending programs and safely eject your drive.

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