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Videos of Real People Using Windows 8 Proves What a Failure the OS is

failThe tech community is pretty vocal about what they like and what they don’t about Windows 8. There is a lot of anger towards Microsoft for removing the Start Menu and the company trying everyone switch to an interface that clearly doesn’t work on the desktop. And that’s coming from people who know their computers, people who are always at the cutting edge of technology. What will happen when “real” users such as your parents and technically less inclined friends start using Windows 8?

Internet celebrity and founder of the popular blog Lockergnome, Chris Pirillo decided to find that out. He plopped his father in front of a computer running Windows 8. Watch how the old man struggles with the interface. At the end the elderly person asks who removed the start menu. When he learns it was Microsoft, Pirillo senior responds: "Are they trying to drive me to Mac?"

Chris Pirillo’s video inspired another person to challenge his father with Windows 8 and with similar results.

“This is terrible”, says his dad. Then he adds, "I'm too old, and life is too short" indicating he can’t spend all his time trying to figure out how to find his programs.

So is Microsoft still listening or are their ears full of wax?

[via Geek]


  1. Both those guys looked pretty much like me when I first tried it, and I have been working with computers for 15 years or so. Now, I deliberately did not read much about Metro prior to trying the preview. I did get on better than the two dads in the videos, and I'm probably the same age, but Microsoft will have a hard time convincing me that this is a "desktop" OS. Ubuntu's Unity makes a lot more sense than this. Really odd move by MS.

  2. I'm told once you get the hang of it, it's actually great. You use keyboard shortcuts since you don't have a touchscreen (yet). I plan to "get the hang of it" and teach it to all my clients, when the time comes.

    The classic version with the start button is just a click away from this screen and Metro can be disabled for that matter.

    This post was written by a devout Mac user who thinks Windows 7 wasn't bad and hears Windows 8 is decent. :p

  3. And furthermore, I could put a couple of grandparents I know in front of anything and videotape them in a state of bewilderment haha.


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