Kill Evil for Chrome Removes Unwanted JavaScript Actions on Websites

Some websites perform annoying JavaScript tricks on you. One commonly encountered JavaScript action is disabling of the browser context menu (right-click menu). The website author feels that disabling the menu will prevent people from copying contents from the site, completely disregarding the fact that it pisses off a larger population of visitors who might want to perform legitimate action like access the context menu search or open in new tab and countless others. Some sites even take the liberty to resize and reposition our browser windows.

You can avoid such annoyances by disabling JavaScript or using a NoScript type of extension. But such a blanket ban on all types of JavaScript is hardly the ideal solution as it blocks not only the bad but the good scripts as well.


Kill Evil is a handy extension for Google Chrome that allows you to block unwanted JavaScript actions while allowing good scripts to run. A whitelist maintained by the extension allows you to specify sites where you do want Kill Evil to act upon.

Kill Evil removes the following annoyances on all pages:

  • Right click action disabled (oncontextmenu)
  • Print action disabled (window.print)
  • Prevent copying, pop up floating window on links, or send back everything you select to a tracking server. (getSelection and onselectstart/onmousedown )
  • Actions that interfere with your clipboard
  • Resize, move browser window
  • Open pages in new tab (the TARGET attribute on links)
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