3 Tools to Manage All Cloud Storage Services (Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive etc) at One Place

So you have signed up for half a dozen cloud storage and file synchronization services, because with so much free space being thrown around, it is hard not to. While it’s great to have so many choices, it’s inconvenient to have your files distributed across a number of different cloud services. But not if you can manage all your cloud accounts and access all your files from a single place. Here are 3 free services that lets you do that.


Joukuu is a free Windows program that lets users manage all their files on Dropbox, Google Docs, and Box.net from their desktops and without having to switch between separate windows. Simply add all your accounts and you are done. You can drag and drop files between accounts, or drag and drop files from Windows explorer into the Joukuu’s window to upload. You can download, open and edit documents from your desktop. You can also see all your files from all your accounts at once. Files are automatically sorted by types such as documents, images, videos and the rest are dumped as “others”.


The Lite version of Joukuu allows you to add only one account per cloud service. You’ll need to subscribe for $60 a year if you want to add more than one Google, Box and Dropbox account.

Joukuu says that support for Skydrive, Sugarsync, Huddle and Zoho will be added soon.


Otixo lets you connect to Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Docs, SugarSync, Picasa, MobileMe, Amazon S3, as well as FTP sites and WebDav drives. The addition of FTP and WebDAV opens a whole lot of opportunity like the ability to add 4shared, GoDaddy Online Storage and dozens of other services that support any of these two protocols.


Unlike Joukuu, Otixo is a web app which means that you have to manage everything from your web browser. Fortunately, the interface is very user friendly. Once you connect your accounts, a row of icons come alive at the top of the screen, each dedicated to a particular task like copy, paste, download, share, etc. To upload files you can drag-and-drop them inside the browser window. You can even copy or move files from one service to another without downloading to your computer.

Another great feature of Otixo is the ability to map your Otixo account as a WebDAV drive on Windows explorer. This way you can access all your cloud accounts right from your computer’s file explorer.

Unfortunately, the crippling blow comes when you realize that you get only 250MB of monthly bandwidth on free Personal accounts. Business accounts without the limit are slightly expensive at $10 a month.


Primadesk is a web app that supports over 30 services, including Box.net, Dropbox, Facebook, Gmail, Google Docs, SkyDrive, Picasa, Hotmail, Photobucket, Shutterfly, Smugmug, Snapfish, SugarSync, Flickr, Yahoo Mail, Evernote and Zoho. After connecting your accounts to Primadesk, you can view all your documents in one place, search files on all the services by topic, date range and content type, copy and paste files, or drag and drop between services. Primadesk also supports IMAP so that you can bring in your email inbox too.


On free accounts you get 1GB of storage from Primadesk but you can only connect up to 5 services. Paid subscriptions starts at $5 a month.

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  1. Primadesk Reply


    Thanks for covering this area. With so many online services coming up everyday we, at Primadesk, are committed to helping users manage their online applications and content. Look forward to more innovations from Primadesk soon….

  2. Unknown Reply

    Some day we might even need an super service to manage all these aggregates services too! Haha like a boss. Well the more competition the better, and maybe one like email services which are free and raising the storage capacity from time to time

  3. BenJS Reply

    Don't know these tools… I use Cloudkafe to manage all my cloud storage services.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    I use CloudBuckit – it's very very good. (www.cloudbuckit.com)

    from website:
    "One desktop application to manage all your cloud storage accounts and FTP connections. We support :
    Dropbox, Kanbox, Google Drive, Box, Skydrive, SugarSync, Amazon s3, Weibo, Twitter, VK, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram, FTP, FTPS an SFTP…"

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