Affixa Integrates Webmail into Windows, Makes it Default Email Program

Desktop based email programs doesn’t work someone who uses multiple computers. Webmail is great for this purpose but they don’t play along nice with Windows. For example, if you click a mailto link in your browser, it will start your default email program which is Microsoft Outlook or whatever you have installed. Similarly, if you use the built-in email capabilities of software such as Microsoft Word, or Adobe Acrobat, or Windows Explorer you are most likely to end up opening the compose window of your email program.

Affixa is a program that solves this problem by integrating webmail with your desktop. The application does this by becoming the default email program; when you mail a file or files from Windows Explorer or from any program, Windows sends the command to Affixa which then resends the command to the webmail account of your choice. A new message with the file attached is created in your Drafts folder. Then you open your email Draft folder in a browser and send the email to the intended recipients.


The Basic download of Affixa allows you to have only one webmail account. Paid users can add multiple webmail accounts. Whenever users try to email a file, Affixa will ask them which email account they want to use. Currently supported web mail services include, Gmail, Gmail Apps Mail, Office 365 and Yahoo.

If the email service has file attachment size limits, Affixa can automatically upload the attachment to a file hosting service offering 100MB of storage. Affixa offers the option to automatically zip all attachments and shrink images to one of the several predefined sizes, but only to paid users.

Affixa also allows you to drop multiple files into a "baskets," that you can then upload either to your e-mail account or to the file-sharing service.

Affixa Basic is free for personal use. For £2 a year, you can have the full version, which handles multiple accounts and can zip and mail your files. Subscribers also get to assign different web browsers to different accounts, add signature, automatic recipient inclusion and access to up to 1GB drop space for a year.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    How old is this post? Doesn't exist, hasn't existed for ages.

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Oh! seems like Affixa now uses their own file hosting service. Thanks for the head's up. Article corrected.

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