Grooveshark’s Beluga Reveals Music Listening Habits of the World

Grooveshark has just launched a new real-time search tool called Beluga that provides insight into the listening habits of 20 million Grooveshark users, offering us some interesting information and trend about artists and their fanbase.

“By combining extensive market research with listening activity from Grooveshark’s 20 million monthly users all over the world, Beluga produces a comprehensive picture of any artist’s fanbase. Easily see where an artist’s music is trending as well as fans’ demographics and interests, which can help with routing tours, developing show lineups, choosing merch, finding ideal promotion areas, and connecting with fans on an in-depth level.”


One simply searches for an artist and Beluga displays, at first glance, the demographic, geography, as well as highlight some of the interesting market research relating to that specific artist. This include market correlations, certain habits of the listeners of that artist (such as which video games they play, what pets they own, and whether they have tattoos etc.), demographics and a map of where most fans are located around the world, along with a gender breakdown.

Of course, the data only represents Grooveshark users who have taken the survey, but those are interesting data nonetheless.

All the information provided can be exported to CSV files, and access to Beluga is free and completely unrestricted. You don’t even have to register at Grooveshark.

[via Mashable]

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