Open Source Media Player Miro 5 Released

MiroOpen source music, video and Internet TV player Miro 5 has just been upgraded to version 5. With this upgrade Miro brings several new features to the already rich media player such as a tool to lookup missing music information and album art, a means to cleanup their music library, download HD videos from Vimeo, faster device synchronization and conversion and support for purchasing music from eMusic.

Miro plays all your video and music in your local drive as well as stream videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, PBS, DailyMotion, 5min, Blip, Metavid and more. Miro can automatically download videos from RSS-based channels and add them to your library from where you can watch them later. Miro integrates an RSS news aggregator and podcatcher and a BitTorrent client.


Then there is a built in Video Converter, that converts video based on FFmpeg with profiles for the Theora (.ogv), .mp4, and WebM video formats supported by various devices. Converted videos can be copied to your portable devices and mobile phones and the contents synchronized with those on your computer.

These are the stuff that is already available in Miro since version 4. With version 5, you get additional capabilities the most notable one is song information and album art lookup and music clean up which is done automatically by looking up the artist, correct title, and album name and artwork on the Echonest database. The album art comes from 7Digital.

Also added is eMusic to the music store which includes Amazon Music and Google Music.

Transferring of media files to playback devices has further improved as Miro 5 can now automatically sync files, and users can set what media type they would like Miro to fill the remaining space on their player with. The program can now also delete files from the device that have already expired in Miro. Another helpful addition is that Miro 5.0 will no longer convert videos to another format when the device it will be synced to actually supports the original format.

The programs core files also received “massive updates to the Windows backend”, from playback to GUI, display to libtorrent, everything is updated and upgraded.

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