Auto Hide Desktop Icons and Taskbar When Not in Use

Is the clutter on your desktop ruining the aesthetic wallpaper you have on the background? Try AutoHideDesktopIcons, a free utility that lets you enjoy your wallpaper without getting rid of the desktop icons by displaying your icons only when you need them, and keeping them hidden the rest of the time.

AutoHideDesktopIcons hides all icons on the desktop and optionally the taskbar. To bring them up, you simply click on the desktop. A timer lets users set the length of time between 3 and 100 seconds for which the desktop icons stay visible before hiding them again. This is the period of inactivity. If you start interacting with the desktop icons, even if it’s nothing more than hovering above an icon, the timer stays suspended. You can also specify whether you want to use the left, middle, or right mouse button to display the desktop icons.


To close AutoHideDesktopIcons, tick the “Disable” checkbox and close the application. AutoHideDesktopIcons is portable and works on all version of Windows.

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