Automatically Publish Blog Post or RSS Feed to Google Plus

Google Plus doesn’t provide users a way to automatically publish content from an RSS feed to their Google Plus Page. The idea is to keep Google Plus spam free as anything that you want to share on Google Plus has to be done manually. While this has been a success in keeping spammers at bay but it also discourages business and bloggers, in particular, from using Google Plus as a medium to share content with their followers and readers. Now the social media management tool called Hootsuite is providing this service through their web based dashboard.

The process is not exactly straightforward and needs some figuring out. So here is a step-by-step guide on how to publish your blog’s RSS feeds to Google+.

  1. Sign-up on Hootsuite for a free account.
  2. On the start screen, click on the link Add a different social network.


  3. Choose Google+ from among the various options and then click on “Connect with Google+”. This will open another window where you’ll have to login to your Google account in order to authorize Hootsuite.


  4. Hootsuite will detect available Google+ Pages in your Google+ account. Select your Google+ Page and click on the “Finished Importing” button.


  5. You will now return to the dashboard. On the left sidebar, click on the gear icon (settings) and then click RSS/Atom.


  6. Click on the plus button which says “Add New Feed”.


  7. This will open a window where you will need to enter the feed settings. Paste the feed URL, adjust the Check interval according to the frequency of your posts, add a prepend text if you want and choose a URL shortener. Click “Save Feed” and you’re done.


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