9 Windows 8 Themes for Windows 7

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s most controversial release. Right from inception, the new operating system has received flak from all sides, but if you look closely at these criticisms you will find that most of them are directed towards the start page and not the operating system in general. The desktop interface itself is not much different from previous versions, and Windows 8 does include some excellent features such as faster boot, Storage Spaces and File History to name a few.

Right now it is possible to both love and hate Windows 8 at the same time. It is also possible to like Windows 8’s flat gradient-less windows but strongly dislike the full screen, multi-colored start page. If you like Windows 8’s new look but is not yet ready to oust Windows 7 from your computer, you can try these themes that were designed by borrowing certain interface elements from Windows 8.

Windows 8 Transformation Pack


8 Skin Pack


Windows 8 VS for Win7




Metro+ Luna


Static 2.0


Windows 8 RTM Theme for Windows 7


Windows Metro IM


Zetro VS 1.3


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