APK File Manager: Organize Android Apps on your PC

I use Titanium Backup to keep a backup of all apps installed on my Android phone, so if I my phone gets factory reset or I have reinstall something I can do so from the backup without downloading them again from the PlayStore. But the phone isn’t a reliable place to keep backups and important data. Memory cards are cheap and can get corrupted easily. So I keep a backup of the backup copies of apps on my computer hard drive. These backups have been accumulating for quite sometime and with each new backup they become more and more of a mess. I have multiple copies (but different version) of the same app. I even have the APK files of apps I no longer have on my phone. Many of the APKs, I can’t recognize because the filenames doesn’t reflect the name of the app. If you are like me and have lots of APK files on your computer, here’s what you need – APK File Manager.

APK File Manager is a free utility that allows you to manage and organize APK files on your computer. Just tell the program where on your hard drive you have stored your APK files. The program will scan the entire directory and sub-directories and then present a list of all APK files found.


You can see the name of the app, version number, file size as well as filename and file path. You can also see the apps’ rating on PlayStore, price, category and so on. You can sort the list by ascending or descending order by name, size, price etc by clicking on the header of the appropriate columns. This way you can easily discover which app occupies the largest file size or which is the best rating you have or which one cost you the most. You can then get rid of the apps you no longer need.

The best thing about APK File Manager is that it can fetch plenty of information from the PlayStore including the app description, rating, number of installs, number of votes, price, version number, revision number and even screenshots. Once the information is downloaded they are stored locally on the computer so you can view them later offline.


APK File Manager also includes a file reaming utility that lets you batch rename APK files by choosing a naming pattern that consist of the app name, file version, category and others. APK File Manager is a pretty useful. I wish something like this was available that could run on Android as well.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    doesnot work…

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Android SDK neccessory Working for me .. 🙂

  3. Anonymous Reply

    It does NOT work with or without the SDK. It works OK if all you have is 10 or 20 APK files… but then you don't really need this for that few files.

    It's a GREAT idea, and we NEED something like this but this software is full of bugs and the developer has skipped out and abandon it. So it's currently 2013 code and broken in many places!

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