Password Recovery Bundle Recovers Passwords from Windows and 50+ Applications [Giveaway]

Have you ever forgotten the password to a computer or an email account or some program you haven’t used for a while? Or maybe you have a PDF file or Word document or a ZIP file but don’t have the password. Rather than having different password recovery tools for different files, here is one password recovery software that rules them all.

Password Recovery Bundle 2012 is a complete suite of password recovery tools that allows you to recover lost or forgotten passwords from all kinds of software and documents easily. Password Recovery Bundle lets you recover or reset passwords for Windows, PDF, Word/Excel/Access, RAR/ZIP, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Email, FTP, Internet Explorer, Firefox, MSN, AIM, and a whole lot more. It’s arguably the most powerful password recovery software in its class.



  • Windows Password Recovery – Instantly reset lost administrator and other account passwords on any Windows 7, 2008, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 system, if you forgot Windows password and couldn’t log into the computer.
  • File Password Recovery – Recover forgotten passwords for PDF, RAR/ZIP, Word / Excel / PowerPoint, PST files.
  • Instant Messenger Password Recovery – Recovers MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, MSN Explorer, Windows Live Messenger, AIM Pro, AIM 6.x and 7.x, Google Talk, MyspaceIM, Trillian Basic, Trillian Pro, Trillian Astra, Paltalk, Miranda, Digsby, Pidgin, GAIM, EasyWebCam, Camfrog Video Chat, Ipswitch Instant Messaging, etc.
  • Email Password Recovery – Recovers Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Eudora, Incredimail, Becky! Internet Mail, Phoenix Mail, Ipswitch IMail Server, Reach-a-Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, The Bat!, PocoMail, Pegasus Mail and Outlook Personal Folder (PST file) passwords.
  • Product Key Finder – Finds lost product key (CD Key) for Microsoft Windows, Office, SQL Server and Exchange Server and many other products, even if you cannot boot to Windows.
  • Internet Browser Password Recovery – Decrypts and recovers logins and passwords stored by Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Opera Mail, and Google Chrome browser.
  • FTP Password Recovery – Recovers logins and passwords for FTP accounts stored by the most popular FTP clients: CuteFTP, SmartFTP, FileZilla, FlashFXP, WS_FTP, CoreFTP, FTP Control, FTP Navigator, FTP Commander, FTP Voyager, WebDrive, 32bit FTP, SecureFX, AutoFTP, BulletProof FTP, Far Manager, etc.
  • Asterisk Password Recovery – Reveals the hidden passwords on password dialog boxes and web pages, that are covered by the asterisks (*****). It works with almost any of programs.
  • Other Password Recovery – Retrieves passwords for Ipswitch Instant Messaging, Digsby, Total Commander, EasyWebCam, Camfrog Video Chat, Remote Desktop Connection, Dial-up and much more.


Top Password Software, Inc is offering 10 licenses of Password Recovery Bundle Standard Edition for Instant Fundas users, each worth $30. If you are interested in the software leave your real name and email ID in the form below. Winners will be selected by a random draw. The contest closes on 10 August, 2012.

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