Taskbar Pinner: Pin Practically Anything to the Taskbar

pin-everythingMicrosoft removed the Start Menu from Windows 8 saying that nobody uses it and that everybody pins their favorite program to the taskbar. But anyone who has tried to pin files and folders to the taskbar will tell you how false the statement is. It is not possible to pin everything to the taskbar like you do on the Start Menu. The Taskbar is very stubborn in this regard. You can pin Windows Explorer, but it will open only to your Libraries and not your Computer. You can pin neither folders nor files, and Control Panel applets and system tools are off-limits too. So how does one bring the universal pinning functionality of the now defunct Start Menu to the taskbar?

The answer is: Taskbar Pinner, a new free application that allows you to pin anything to the taskbar, and it works on Windows 8 as well as on Windows 7. Taskbar Pinner lets you pin 4 types of objects:

  • Pin a file
  • Pin a folder
  • Pin a Shell location
  • Pin a Library


The Pin a file, folder and library options are self explanatory. The “Pin a Shell location” includes nearly 60 shell location including Control Panel applets, Computer, Favorites, Search, Bluetooth devices, Printers, Folder Options, Personalization, Recycle Bin, Run, and a lot more. Provided there is space in the Taskbar, this little tool can be a real help to those who like to pin every program they use to the taskbar.

You can also have this great pinning ability available directly from Windows Explorer, by checking the Explorer context menu option in the program window. You can just right-click on a file or folder in Explorer and pin it to the taskbar.

Taskbar Pinner is portable application and does not require to be installed.

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  1. Expert Reply

    Thanks! This looks like an easier and cleaner way than what I’ve been doing on win 7 …. creating shortcuts for folders or docs and pinning those shortcuts to taskbar (accessed via right click on taskbar icon).

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Nice, I can now pin Windows Firewall with Advanced Security to the taskbar in Windows 8. I didn't know how to do before. Nice little tool, especially when integrated into Windows Explorer context menu. Thanks!

  3. idodialog Reply

    Except it just doesn't work ~ at all

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