Giveaway: UseNeXT Usenet Accounts

Usenet has been around for more than 30 years but public knowledge about this system is mostly low. When the Internet boom came in the late 90s, Usenet was already on their way out replaced by the World Wide Web and all the fancy things it brought to people’s desktop. Then came Naptser and finally BitTorrent, and Usenet was largely forgotten. Few people who were born during the last two decades have any experience of Usenet. If you are one of them and want to try out a Usenet service but price is the inhibiting factor, here is a chance.

One of the largest Usenet provider UseNeXt has agreed to offer 5 Usenet accounts for Instant Fundas readers. These accounts come with a 50GB transfer limit, meaning you can download up to 50GB of binary content from hundreds of thousands of newsgroups. There is no speed limit and the accounts don’t have an expiry date.


UseNeXT offers access to over 60,000 newsgroups that contain more than 2500 terabytes of data and 5000 gigabytes are added daily. In UseNeXT’s client program the data is divided into various categories aside from being grouped by newsgroups. You can search for files within a category or within a newsgroup. You can also click on a newsgroup or category and browse files that were recently added and files that were the most downloaded. There are newsgroups catering to movies and music of different genre and tastes such as documentaries, classic TV shows, anime, pro-wrestling, sci-fi, horrors, cartoons and so on.

To download a file, simply right click on the results and select the Download option. You can download up to 30 files concurrently.

As already said, we have 5 UseNeXT accounts to giveaway. If you are interested in entering the giveaway contest, leave your name and a valid email ID in the form below. Winners will be selected by a random draw. The contest closes on September 28, 2012.

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