Google Launches Experimental No Data Charge Service For Mobile Browsing

Google has launched, on a limited trial basis, a new service that allows mobile phone users to use Google Search, Gmail and Google+ on their phone with no data charges incurred by their carriers. You can use Free Zone even if you haven’t subscribed to a data plan with your operator. For now, the good stuff is available only in Philippines and only for Globe users.

“You can access Free Zone using any default phone browser,” Google explains. “Free Zone should be accessed using your phone’s default browser. Third party browsers (such as QQ, Opera Mini and Bolt) are not supported.”

If you are living in Philippines and is a Globe user, you can start using it right now. Sign in to your Google Account at with your mobile phone in order to use Google Search, Gmail, and Google+. If you don’t have a Google Account, you can create one by going to on a computer.


The interesting part is you’re also not charged when you click on any outgoing links from the search results page.

When using Search, the page you access after clicking on a search result is free. However, if you click on a link within that article—or if a link takes you outside of Google+ or Gmail—you’ll be shown a warning page alerting you of any potential charges.

What this means is that you practically get a free ride all over the internet. Simply enter the URL of the website you wish to open in Google Search and click the first result. Be aware that any additional page you view on the website will be charged by your carrier.

It’s already possible to browse Facebook for free on the mobile and the service is available through more than 50 mobile operators across 45 countries. Wikipedia has a similar zero data charge initiative, Wikipedia Zero, that is available to more than 500 million users in developing countries in Africa and Asia.

[via Google Operating System]

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    That was really a nice service when it will be launched in other countries can you please post some update?

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