2800+ Metro Tiles/Icons for Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 apps that you install from the Store comes with their own Metro/Modern tiles that show up on the Start Screen. But standard programs that are installed on the Windows 8 desktop appear as classic icons on the Start Screen, which doesn’t blend with the rest of the icons. Thankfully, there is a tool called OblyTiles that allows you to customize these tiles by adding your own images or icons.

The following collection of icons are meant to be used as Dock or with OblyTiles, but you can also use them any other way you want. Some of these icons are available only in the ICO format which isn’t supported by OblyTiles. You have to convert these files to PNG using Paint.Net before you can use them.

Metro UI Dock Icon Set


This set currently includes 678 icons in 256 x 256 pixel ICO and 512 x 512 pixel PNG formats for today’s top applications, internet browsers, Operating Systems/system icons, manufacturers, and more. The set contains one to five different color/style variation. The set also includes a few reflective/glossy icons.

This set is kept continuously updated by the creator. So check back often for new ones.

135 Missing Metro-Style-Icons


This set was inspired by by DaKirby309’s Metro UI Dock Icon Set (above) and contains 135 more icons that are absent from the original. Icons are available in 256×256 pixel ICO and 512×512 pixel PNG formats.

Windows 8 Icon by simobortolo


This pack contains over 1300 icons in metro style and is available both in the ICO and PNG formats. Also included are 670 reflective icons.

WP7 Mobile Icons


These were designed for Windows Phone 7 but can also be used on Windows 8. The pack contains 102 blue themed icons with a slight background gradient.

METRO icons


Contains around 70 black and white circular icons.

Icons metro style (full pack)


Contains 60 metro icons for different apps and web services.

METRO styled icons


Contains 58 PNG icons in 4 colors for various web services and a few apps. Also included are 256×256 pixel .ICO files.

MetroID Icons by JRawson


This set contains 395 icons for most programs, devices, websites, etc. as well as 27 folder types and 43 drive types in 11 different color schemes. All icons are in 256 x 256 pixel PNG format.

Metro Special Folder Icons


A pack of six icons of special Windows folders – desktop, documents, downloads, music, pictures and videos. All icons in ICO format.

Office 2013 – Icons Pack


Contains icons for all Microsoft Office programs both in the PNG and ICO formats.

Adobe Tiles


A collection of 8 tiles of Adobe products.

Adobe Master Collection Metro Style for OblyTile


A slightly larger collection, and different styled, tiles for Adobe products.

Bonus Icons: Metro Games


These aren’t actually Metro styled, but they’ll still look great on the start screen. Contains 47 high quality 512 x 512 pixel PNG images of some of the most popular Windows games.

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