Deep Sleep Battery Saver Significantly Extends Android Battery Life

Usually when you lock an Android device or turn off the screen, the device goes into sleep mode. The CPU enters a low power state and the operating system schedules processes for execution less frequently depending on their status and handles interrupts less urgently, etc. The goal is to try and save power. The phone, however, is pretty much active. You can still receive calls and SMS and push notifications from different apps. These activities continue to draw power from the battery, even during times when you might not need them, for instance, when you are sleeping. If you want to squeeze the last drop of juice out of your device’s battery, check out Deep Sleep Battery Saver.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver sends your device to what it calls “deep sleep”. During deep sleep mode the app turns off most of the power consuming processes including essentials ones such as WiFi and 3G, suspends background apps and low-priority tasks are shut down. When the device is deep sleeping, most of the apps are not working, including Facebook, Google Service, Email and even the device’s ability to receive and make calls. However, the device will wake up periodically in order to download email, sync Facebook status, receive missed call and SMS backlog etc.


The free version offers 5 profiles to choose from – Gentle, Balance, Strong, Aggressive, and Slumberer  – that varies on frequency, duration and other settings. Between these profiles, the deep sleep duration varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The last one – Slumberer – keeps the device in a persistent sleep mode until manually waken up by the user.

Each profile is divided into 2 period: weekday and weekend, that can be set differently.

For each period, a profile includes following parameters

  • Frequency: The device is turned on deepsleep mode at a selected frequency
  • Duration: The device is woke up after for a selected duration after a each frequency cycle
  • Wileless & Network: Control radio setting during deepsleep on
  • Sync: Control sync strategy and sync account
  • Apps: Select apps that will be stopped during deepsleep on
  • CPU: Processors twist – root only
  • Night period: During this period, device is always in deepsleep mode

You can also whitelist apps such as the music player or set to ignore deep sleep if data traffic is above a predetermined threshold.

In the Pro version, which is priced at $1.29, you get custom profiles with adjustable sleep and wake-up duration with additional controls such as different settings for day and night, screen timeout, sync strategy, ignored apps, etc.

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