How to Change the Location of the "Screenshots" Folder in Windows 8

As you may be already aware, Windows 8 has a pretty functional screenshot taking feature that automatically saves the images to a specific folder on the hard disk. Previously, users were required to paste the screenshot image from the clipboard to a blank canvas in an image editing program and save it manually. Just to make it clear, the screenshot taking tool, which can be activated by pressing the Win key together with the PrintScreen key, is different from the Snipping Tool introduced in Windows 7 and which still exist in Windows 8 as an alternative screenshot capturing tool.

At first glance, it might appear that the new screenshot tool is non-customizable. In reality, there are a few customizable options available – they are just not very visible.

In a previous article I showed how you can reset the screenshot counter. This article shows you how to relocate the “Screenshots” folder from the default location of C:UsersUsernamePicturesScreenshots.

  1. Open the Pictures directory (C:UsersUsernamePictures). Right click on the folder Screenshots and from the context menu click on Properties.
  2. Move to the Location tab. There you will find the option to move the Screenshots folder to another location. Click on the Move button and select the new location in the window browser. If the folder doesn’t yet exist, you can create a new one.


  3. Windows will ask your permission to move the contents of the old folder to the new one. Click Yes.


To move the Screenshots folder back to the default location, right click on the new Screenshots folder, open the Location tab like you did in step2 and then click on the Restore defaults button.

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