Mark Important Tabs in Firefox

Sometimes when you open too many tabs in Firefox and you need to switch from one to another, you often have to hunt for them. Important Tabs is a new add-on that solves this problem by allowing you to mark some tabs as more important than others. Important tabs gets highlighted from the rest so it becomes easier to locate them.

To mark a tab as important, all you have to do is right click on the tab in the tab-bar and choose “Important tab”. This turns the tab title color from the default black to blue. To unmark a tab, right-click on the tab again and uncheck the “Important tab” option.


Keep in mind, the tab which you want to mark as important must be opened first. You cannot point the mouse pointer to an unopened tab in the tab-bar and mark or unmark it. The “Important tab” option that you see in the menu is only for the tab/page that is currently open and visible in the browser window. It doesn’t matter which tab you point the mouse pointer to. This is not immediately apparent, so you might end up marking the wrong tabs.


To unmark all tabs, choose the “Forget importance” option. Another handy option in the tabs menu allows you to close all un-important or unmarked tabs at once.

This is a restartless add-on so you can check it out right away.

via Firefoxfacts

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