MusicZen Renames, Moves and Organizes Your Music Collection by Artist, Album and More

MusicZen is a small program that lets you bring sanity back to your music collection by automatically organizing all your music files into a logical folder structure that’s easier to browse. Previously, I brought you a similar tool called MP3 Folder Structure Maker that I personally used to bring order to my collection and make it visually pleasing. MP3 Folder Structure Maker is more powerful than MusicZen but those who don’t want to spend too much time configuring and need something that just works, then MusicZen it is.


MusicZen has a simple interface, and the interface itself teaches you how to use the program.


Simply tell the program where you music files reside and where you want the newly organized files to go. By default, MusicZen only copies files to the destination folder leaving the originals untouched. If you had any doubt, a message on the program window “No worries, no files will be harm[sic] during operation” puts your mind to rest.

Move to the “Preferences” tab, and you will be greeted by another simple, self-explanatory window. By default, your music is organized in the destination folder by Artist > Album structure. You can click on the Change button to cycle through other folder structures offered. Unfortunately, there is no way to specify a custom folder structure. If you want the files to be moved instead of copy, you can set your preference here.


Once you are satisfied with the setting, move back to the “Organize” tab and click on the “Organize” button. MusicZen will read the existing tags in your .mp3 files and use this information to create the directories and the name of your files. If MusicZen does not find this information, it will place the files in an "Unknown" folder. When the program is working, it might freeze and stop responding. This appears to be the natural behavior of the program although it is indeed unnatural for a program to freeze when functioning.

After a while, depending on how large your music folder is, MusicZen will jerk back to life and display some statistics about the process just completed such as the number of files processed, and number of duplicate files encountered.

MusicZen is in its first version, and I hope it will improve when the next one is out. The program is also available in the portable format.

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