How to Reduce Startup Programs Delay in Windows 8

You might not be aware that Windows 8 deliberately delays the loading of desktop programs when Windows starts. These are shortcuts located in your Start Menu’s Startup folder as well as the items which run from various Registry locations. The slow down has a positive effect on Windows startup time as it makes the desktop usable sooner and apparently more responsive. However, you can reduce the startup time if you want by editing the Registry.

Open Registry editor and navigate to the following key:


If the “Serialize” key does not exist, then you should create it by clicking on the Edit menu and then on New > Key.

On the right-hand pane, create a new DWORD and name it StartupDelayInMSec. Double click on it and set its value to zero.


This should reduce the Windows start-up delay. Restart your computer and see if you notice any difference.

via WinAero

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    Huh. I had noticed this! Tip should be useful!

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