Keep 3G And Wi-Fi Connectivity ON Without Draining Battery [Android]

Wi-Fi and 3G connections are battery draining operations that will empty the power cells on your phone within a few hours if kept enabled at all times. But data connectivity is essential for things like downloading email, Facebook updates, tweets and other stuff that keeps you connected to the world – both real and virtual. CleverConnectivity allows you to do all that and still save battery power by cleverly managing your phone’s data and Wi-Fi connection without you having to change your social habits.

CleverConnectivity is able to preserve battery juice by enabling Wi-Fi and 3G data connections in short phases instead of continuously keeping them on. The application will automatically turn on connectivity and allow the phone’s various apps to download and upload data, then turn connectivity off to save battery. This is repeated every few minutes as defined by the user.

For example if the user chooses the following configuration:

  • Time On: 2min
  • Time On Next Check: 1min
  • Time Off: 10m
  • Usage check Interval: 3s

CleverConnectivity will work this way – once the screen is OFF, CleverConnectivity will keep connectivity alive for 2min. Then it will check if data is used during a period of 3s. If data is used, connectivity will be kept for 1 minute (Time On Next Check). If data is NOT used, connectivity will be deactivated for 10min. After this, the connectivity will be re-activated and Time On will kick in. Once the user turns the screen ON, connectivity will be automatically re-enabled.


CleverConnectivity will also check for data usage before disabling it. If there are downloads and streaming in progress, connectivity will not be disabled.

Details of features:

  • Configuration of ON-OFF cycle (Time On, Time Off, Usage Interval Period)
  • Disable/Enable connectivity (Wifi/Data/Sync)
  • Enable/disable management of Data/Wifi/Sync connectivity
  • Sleep Hours: During these hours, all connectivity will desactivated one screen is OFF
  • Auto Wifi-Off: Wifi will be disabled after after a defined period if screen is OFF and no known networks are available.
  • Possibility to read logs generated by the app
  • Possibility to deactivate the app while the phone is plugged. The ON-OFF cycle will resume once the phone is unplugged.
  • "Screen On Connectivity Delay" which delays the moment where connections are re-enabled when screen is turned on

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Hi ,
    CleverConnectivity is an great idea for saving the battery default is it enabled for every 2 minuts aa?

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