Show List Instead of Thumbnails When Alt+Tab Switching

Windows 7 offers two different window switching shortcuts to cycle through open windows – 1) the hotkey combination Alt+Tab displays a grid of thumbnails of open windows and 2) the hotkey combination Win+Tab displays a 3-dimensional view of all opened windows. If you like neither and prefer a simple list, then here is how to get it.

First download and install AutoHotkey. It is a free, open-source macro-creation and automation software utility that allows users to automate repetitive tasks in Microsoft Windows. Driven by a custom scripting language that is aimed specifically at providing keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys, AutoHotkey can modify any application user interface, override default Windows control key commands etc.

Now download the AutoHotkey script from this link –

AutoHotkey scripts end with the extension .ahk and can be run by simply double clicking on it, provided you have AutoHotkey installed and the application is configured as the default handler of the .ahk extension.

All you need to do now is double click on this script to run, and you are done. Now press Alt+Tab to checkout the new window switching interface with icons and list.


To revert back to the Windows default, open task manager and kill the process AutoHotkey.

via Github

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I like the new interface design!

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you for a great job you've done! I needed a replacement for Alt-Tab in Windows Server 2008, where I can't get Aero to work in remote session. Your script did the trick – I can now navigate through the window list with arrows instead of Alt-Tab/Alt-Shift-Tab. Cheers!

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