Flipkart Giving Away 1,000 Music Albums for Free

Flipkart, the most successful Indian e-commerce website, is celebrating the first anniversary of Flyte – the online digital music store launched last year. Flyte allows buyers to download individual tracks and albums in the MP3 format for as low as Rs 40 an album (less than one dollar) and Rs 9 (16 cents) for one song. The files are free of DRM which means that you can listen to your purchased music on any device without restriction.

To celebrate the completion of one year, Flipkart is giving away 100 music albums per day, across various genres, for the next 10 days – a total of 1,000 albums in all.


Go to Flyte, pick your favorite genre and browse through today’s selection. If any album strikes your fancy, click the download button to add the music album to your online MP3 library. You can then download the songs later on your own sweet time.

Today’s giveaway includes classics like Bob Dylan, Jon Lennon, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Maddona, U2 and more. There is also a good selection of Indian music, Ghazal, and great music from oldies like Guide, Amar Prem, and An Evening In Paris.

The listed music albums will change daily until February 28 so do remember to check the site every day.

To download songs you need to have a Flipkart account, but download is restricted to only within the territory of India. Since no credit card information or street address is needed to create an account, all you need to do is find an Indian proxy or VPN server, and all the music is yours.

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    Downloads are only available in India.

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